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Coming Quick: New Premature Ejaculation Spray (???)

I am all about my Queens, So, I have started browsing for news that I can share with my Queens, for their own good. When I went to the Health section (because who of us doesn’t want to be more healthy) I saw some very interesting things. There was a blog on Lady GaGa and her lupus issue, which I guess is not much of an issue for her after all (^_^). There was also stuff about not eating everything you see in a commercial… (-_-)But it wasn’t until later that I laughed myself silly at this link from Dr. Gupta’s Health Blog, “Paging Dr. Gupta”. On June 2nd something was posted called “Spray may treat premature climax”. I can NOT believe the lengths that people are going to these days.

Ladies, I know Premature Ejaculation is annoying but do we really need our men to buy sprays and creams to deal with it? This is so laughable to me.

This article and this idea for a medicine lead me to the thought, and reminded me, that these companies will make anything to pray on our insecurities. I am not a man but I can only imagine how embarrassing it is to ejaculate prematurely. LOL. How do I know? Statements like this, “Oh, its been a long time,” “Wow, you were to good for me,” or “This never happened to me before.” Suuuure, it hasn’t. And let me warn you ladies: This article on states that the difference between the times from penetration to climax went from 36 SECONDS (Penetration to Climax) to 3.3 MINUTES (Penetration to Climax)…… Yea, these are some extreme cases we’re dealing with. Not Missy Elliot’s “One Minute Man” but something way worst.

But in my Kings defense: Ladies, we don’t make it much better for their egos. We start making jokes on our guy as soon as he even thinks about not taking his time with us. If we would cut them a little slack they probably wouldn’t feel so insecure, and less men will run out to buy the “Hold-On-To-That-Feeling-Spray”.

There is a bigger issue at play here, though: Medicines that cure our insecurities. We have to work on our insecurities from the inside out. No implants, surgeries or pills should make us feel better. We should love ourselves no mater what.

If you’re interested, check out the full article on Dr. Gupta’s Blog @ and make sure to read the comments at the bottom. Some readers have very good opinions regarding this matter.

Big Kiss(^_^)QueenPinky

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