POLL: Who Makes the First Move?

Who Makes the First Move? (After a breakup)

So, in my last few break ups I made few attempts to reconnect with my ex after the initial break up. I did respond to any of their attempts, because I try to get over my break up as soon as possible and I just want to co-exist with everyone, even ex boyfriends.

Also in my case, the way I usually break up so much like a meeting that it would almost seem irrational not to keep in touch. We usually try to resolve issues and explain pain and suffering. A lot of people do not get that much into it at all so there are open wounds still left untreated. This makes for difficulty dealing with communication after a break up.

I opened up the conversation of after-relationship-communication because I wanted to get a show of hands on this one. Please participate in my polls and comment when you’re done.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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