Why the Hiatus, Queen?

I am writing a Novel.

The other stuff keeping me away is secondary and you’ve heard it all before: School, work, child rearing, internet has been disconnected due to non payment, dancing around in my underwear to Off the Wall by Michael Jackson… you know, the usual.

Please excuse my absence… I have a note and I will be back in school soon.

I am on chapter 15 of what I think will be 21. After that it will be hard core-reading and re-reading, adding, taking away and editing until I can’t stand my book anymore and can’t wait to make you all sick with it.

I would love help with publication, editing or other general information to help me with my book. I am a new, VERY NEW author, so know just about nothing. If you have any info you would like to share with me, please send it to me via the ABOUT US section of this page, it goes straight to my email, OR if you don’t feel like it, leave a comment here.

Please stand by. Greatness Approaching.

(-_-‘) Working Day and Night: Queen Pinky (^_^)


UPDATE: The Queen has been featured on the Gloat Page at Steamy Trails Promotions!


Thank you Steamy Trails for your guidance and wisdom!