Just Say YES!

So, I’ve done 2 installments of Just Say No and I think I’m done with that. It’s time to start saying Yes!

This article serves the purposes of killing the Bad Boy Syndrome. Women often fall in love with men who are no good for them. I believe that we women can be emotional and use our emotions to dictate our decisions. We need to look at things in a Male Way. We need to look Logically and observe these traits that make a man worthy of us or not worthy of us, no matter how much our heart wants something, its not always for us.

TWENTY Just Say Yes Qualities!

(I had to turn it up on the positivity and bust out 20 qualities on this list!)

Open and Honest: OMG, this is sooooo important. Lack of honesty is the downfall of every marriage that ever had a down fall. I don’t need to speak on this any further.

Loving: A man who is loving and loves you is very important. Someone who is actually willing to express their love is important for a woman because sometimes we can be insecure (Yes, I said it) and we need reinforcement.

Entertaining: This is high on my list because I get bored easy. This includes a man who is fun, spontaneous, loves to hang out and do things. Even if your idea of entertaining is watching paint dry, if he thinks thats entertaining too, then you’ve found the one.

Mature: This is my number one issue with men. Immaturity. This is the number one reason why I date men who are older than me by at least 5 years. I know, I know, younger men can be mature too but that is rare so I’m stacking the odds by trying to avoid them.

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Is Age An Issue?

Is Age An Issue?

Of course not! Age is nothing but a number. BUT there is a large difference in older men and younger men. I will now present the BENEFITS of each side. I’ll save the DOWNSIDES for another blog… (^_^)

Be A Cougar!

Younger men are…

  • Persistent: They do not give up. They will chase you to the end of the earth, and what woman doesn’t want a man to pursue them relentlessly!? As long as there is no stalking involved.
  • Spontaneous:  These guys never do the same thing twice. Their little brains work so fast and they really remind me of someone with ADHD. They just keep moving and have relentless energy.
  • Cute: These young men have smooth, wrinkle-less skin (if they don’t have acne), lots of hair that they style in so many unique ways, they dress hip and follow the trends. They are just adorable!
  • Moldable: A good younger man is willing to take your advanced skills and adapt them to their lives. If they love and care for you they are willing to let you mold them into what you want them to be, as long as you don’t come off demanding and pushy.
  • Willing to experiment: These are some very energetic love makers and they will try anything. But their experimentation doesn’t stop in the bedroom. They are willing to try things in the real world as well.
  • Not set in their ways: These guys don’t really have “ways”. Some men are stubborn, but that’s not the same thing. These fellas are willing to grow and change as long as they feel like it will benefit them.

Be a Daddy’s Baby!

Older men are…

  • Financially Stable: USUALLY. A man over 30 USUALLY has a career, house, car etc. Sometimes not, though. 40+, they are very likely to be financially stable. The society we are living in now is breeding irresponsible men so some 30 some things are turning out to be pathetic.
  • Old fashion ways: Opening doors for you, paying for dinner, taking out the trash, bringing home the bacon. Yea, if your confused by these types of ideas you need to meet a gentleman. Older men BELIEVE they should do all these things.
  • Not Afraid of Commitment: These men, if single, want to be married. Sometimes they have been burned by a previous marriage so they are more resistant but they do understand the need for serious commitment.
  • Experienced: They have seen so much, have wadded through the crap and know whats real. They have done everything and know what to and not to do. They may have also seen lots of bedroom action by this time, which could be good or bad.
  • Not in a rush or wild: Depending on how old this older man is, he is just trying to savory his time left. He is not in a hurry to do anything. He is comfortable and probably doesn’t want to change a lot. This is the man you want for stability. Plus you probably won’t find him out in a club chasing skirts.
  • Refined taste: Ladies, do you like freeform jazz, wine, cheese and art museum? Well and older man will know exactly who Georges Seurat is while at the same time knowing which wine goes best with that pasta.

NOTE: I Googled this question: “What do you call a woman who dates older men? You will never guess the answer I got… Slut. I can’t believe it! I’ve been known to hit both sides of the spectrum and I can’t believe how one sided people can be when they think about gender roles. Just because an older man is more well off, usually, they think women persue those men for money only. There are so many great reasons to date an older man, some I have mentioned and some I have not. We have to break these stereotypes Queens. Go into relationships for the RIGHT reasons and these misconceptions will be a thing of the past!

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

[Source:Worldcnews.com (Old Black Male Image)]

[Source: http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com (Young Black Male Image)]

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