Donate Life

I was watching The Closer on TNT Monday night and the episode centered around the topic of organ donation.

The criminal in the show was killing young men, setting it up to look like some kind of mob killing and harvesting the organs. Once the criminal got the organs he gave them to people on the organ donor list with devastating conditions. Children on the edge of life mostly.

The young men he killed were guilty of a very horrendous crime against a young woman and the criminal felt justified. Now, I’m not here to get into all the “was he right to do that” junk, but when Dr. Criminal was caught, at the end, he was removing a heart from one of the boys and he was going to give it to a young girl awaiting surgery. When I say awaiting, I mean, in anesthesia. So in the end, the girl got the heart anyway, even though it was evidence in a crime.

I Love The Closer.

I am writing this so I can change your minds about organ donation.

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