You’re a bitch: The downfall of Women in Rap and TV

A Facebook friend posed a question:

Seriously. Not judging. But LADIES, does it bother you hearing the word, “Bi@ch” in almost every song today????

Just Curious.

That conjured up thoughts that I had been having for YEARS!

There was this song by the rapper Ludacris called “Ho” that came out in like 2008-2009 and man! I was shocked when they let him say every single Ho on the radio! I was like what?? What happened to censorship?

STOP! I do not advocate censorship.

But seriously. Ho is a derogatory word in just about every sense of the word, nowadays. 9.5 times out of 10 it is not a garden tool they talking about. This was just the beginning!

Recently, like within the last 5 years, it became cool for you to say BITCH on the radio. I faint! Again, the term is almost never used in context.

SN: What is the point in having a context if everyone ignores it. LOL. JK.

So, now, the two words most used in Rap to degrade women are perfectly allowable on the radio.

I don’t listen to the radio: A checklist by the Queen

#1: I hate commercials.

#2: I hate most DJ’s. You’re ANNOYING!

#3: I don’t want to listen to Lil Wayne, all day, literally. Or Drake. Gag.

#4: I don’t want to be degraded!

This Bitch-ho-ratchet-thot-tramp-slut thing is getting out of hand! Two of those words I didn’t even know until this year… I got back on Facebook hard for my book release (SURPRISE) and I learned all about assholes. ‘Cuse my Franch.

TV ain’t makin it no betta! The women (“grown women”) like being called bitches, call themselves bitches and hoes and act like whores and bitches and people LOVE IT! If I see one more clip of two black girls fighting over one black cock, I really will… I’m having heart palpitations… going down!

OMG I’m flat lining. Don’t revive me. I can’t live in a world where women hate themselves that much. They might try to rub off on me.

Extravagant as my reaction might be, I think, in a more philosophical tone, what I mean to say is, revive me when women start to wake up and see how disgusting, they and the men are who degrade them.

I have already made a vow: “If my daughter asks me to watch MTV, BET or VH1 (in some cases), I will say no. I am fully willing to fight a child should there be any debate or name calling.” The only clause in this vow is Black Girls Rock and documentaries. Some, I repeat, SOME music videos will be allowed but it depends on the song, the artist and the content of the video. I know I can’t keep her from everything, but I’LL TRY! On top of that, she loves to dance so I want her to see the latest dance moves and all that.

I’ll also use music videos as life lessons. like “If I ever see you doing THAT I will embarrass you so bad in public, you’ll wanna go live with unknown aunts or uncles.”

In Other Words: I’m gonna be CLOSELY monitoring all interactions with the TV, like the Government does us now…

SN: My daughter does not listen to new school rap. She appreciates HIP HOP (which is not rap… by the way. Article Coming Soon.) She’s 6, but there are some 6 year olds who are very rap literate, so don’t act like she couldn’t be rap literate. What the hell is a Lil Boosie anyway? My daughter, basically listens to everything except mainstream rap. I will introduce her to Tupac, Biggie, Public Enemy etc. when she is old enough to not repeat everything she hears, to her teacher.

My daughter is diverse and could sing and dance to anything from Hall and Oates to Pat Benatar to Beyonce to Cody Simpson. She also likes Jazz and International music.

So back to the point… This stuff is ruining our female children! Haven’t you all seen enough twerking videos and toddlers poppin it? Isn’t the joke over now?

I will have a whole ‘nother article on Reality TV and why I think it is poisoning us, even in passing, but I’ll touch on it briefly here because its on topic. Reality TV is so fake, first of all, but to our young ladies, it is very real. They don’t all necessarily have the capacity to understand how wrong this stuff is. They don’t know how disrespectful it is to their eyes and mind because they are flooded with these images and words on the radio and TV. “Anything on TV must be right!” “Anything that glitters IS gold!” STOP THE MADNESS.

SN: When I was younger, I referred to myself and my home girls as bitches. Down ass bitches, hood bitches, the realest bitches… Jade was the first one to stop that train and as I got older I stopped it on my own. Don’t let our girls figure this out on their own when they become adults. Be proactive in your girls life.

10 steps to keeping our girls from being bitches: Do this early and often.

  1. Teach them self worth!
  2. Train their self esteem with positive and appropriate encouragement.
  3. Teach them what love really is and LOVE THEM!
  4. Teach them that their body is personal and precious.
  5. Teach them to be nice, respectful, giving, caring and be beautiful inside.
  6. Teach them not to seek revenge. Nothing is worse than a vengeful woman! They call that a bitch…
  7. Teach them values and to be morally upstanding.
  8. Tell them they a beautiful no matter what! Acne, bad hair day, braces, messed up outfit means nothing!
  9. Don’t fill their heads with images that DO NOT UPLIFT THEM as women!
  10. Encourage things that will make them better OVERALL, not just things that will get them material and immoral possessions.

Save our Girls!

 PS: Stop calling men bitches too. Article coming soon.

Love, Queen

Just Say No! Part 1

Just Say No

During my time as a woman I have observed traits in people (not just men) that make them unable to maintain a stable relationship. I call these Just Say No Traits. One or a combination of these things can cause a person to be un-date-able.

These traits can be repaired or eliminated to make someone a better person but they are sometimes hard wired into the system and need lots of readjusting to get rid of them…

Please look out for these qualities and avoid them Like The Plague. This is part one of this particular subject, I’ll cover 10 issues now and ten later. If I can find 10 more, there will be a part 3! Stay Tuned.

In No Particular Order:

Confrontational: A person who constantly tries to create problems. No amount of problem solving skills can help a person involved with someone who is confrontational.

Controlling: A person who wants a hand in all maters at all times. This person wants to tell you when, where, how, how many, why, why not, etc. You are not allowed to do anything without their permission or them knowing what you are doing.

Secretive: This person conceals some part of their life or activity from you. They may keep you from their home or hold conversations in private. Not all secret issues are sign for alarm but please keep an eye open for suspicious behavior.

Mean to his mother: A man who disrespects his mother. Respect for women is across the board. If he curses out his own mother, he will not talk to you much better.

Doesn’t care for his children: This person has no ties to their children what so ever and does not contribute financially, emotionally, or spiritually to his children. This is kind of like the Mean to his mother line. A man who feels he has no responsibility to his children will not be responsible for much else.

Liar: Someone who does not tell the truth. This should be obvious but let me get into something a little deeper. A man doesn’t have to lie to you right off the bat to be a liar. He can lie to anyone about anything. That is enough to be a sign.

Conceited: A person who thinks extremely highly of themselves. There is one thing to think you’re great (I have that problem) but there is a whole other issue to think that you are greater than anyone. There is and always will be someone more beautiful than another, it’s the circle of life. One beautiful person passes away and another one is born. Same for the ugly people. Get over yourself.

Has a Girlfriend: A person in a committed relationship and the fact that there is a relationship is common knowledge. The main problem with this is that IF a person leaves their significant other for you they will more than likely do the same thing to you.

No Motivation: A person with no personal drive to do anything. This is a person who lives at home with their mother and has no intentions of moving out. This person settles and does not want anything better than what they have.

Possessive/clingy: Unnaturally attached to another person to the point of being controlling. This person does not want you to do anything without them. They are very likely to try to keep you away from your family and friends as well. This person can actually be very dangerous because these relationships are known to get into violence and psychotic behaviors if the person looses control over you.

That Ends Part 1…

We all have to try our best to get into things for the right reasons. Sometimes the people who display these traits just need time to grow. Give them some space!

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

P.S. If you have any suggestions, comment here and I will add them. I know you guys have suggestions! You always do.

P.S.S. Thanks for all the love!

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