How to Break Up

Breaking up is hard to do, but I’m going to try to make it easier.

The emotional part is a given and will have to be dealt with in your own way. I hope that with the way I am suggesting that you break up, you will be more able to over come the emotions involved. Ladies! Time to get LOGICAL!

I have broken up with almost all of my boyfriends. That makes me an expert. (Ha ha, silly me.) I believe firmly in communication, I am patient and understanding, so I think I made it easy for boyfriends to stay with me but shit happens.

The first few times were hard but then I became the master planner you see before you today and this is what I did. I am now friends with every ex I’ve ever had except the ones that I lost contact with…. Tight!

Please remember, everyone is different, this is just my way.

1. DO NOT BREAK UP VIA TEXT, FACEBOOK OR EMAIL! Man up and call. In person can be dangerous, depending on a persons stable or unstable mental capacity but text, email and social networks leave a lot of room for misunderstanding. The words coming out of your mouth are way more clear, even if they are not clear.

2. Know that you really want to break up: If there is Any, ANY slight twing of “Maybe we can work it out,” you are not ready. Do not even think about breaking up if you might change your mind. Changing your mind about a break up (especially in the middle of the break up conversation) will have you looking like a moron and could annoy and scare off the person you are breaking up with. If you are going to be indecisive that can give your mate strength to decide for you and you don’t want that. I’ve seen it before. Make a Pros and Cons sheet to make sure that the negative out weighs the positives.
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Finish Up Right

~*Happy New Years!*~

They say what you are doing on the start of the New Year is what you will be doing all year. Do something, positive, fun, safe and memorable. I will be having fun tonight because last year I went to bed early and yep, thats what I did all this year. LOL. I was bored all year!!!!

My New Years Resolutions: Become a published author, Save Money, Become toned, and be HAPPY!

I’m Ready to bring in the new year with true friends! Love you all!

Big Big BIG Kiss and a Happy New Year! (^_^) QueenPinky

Just Say YES!

So, I’ve done 2 installments of Just Say No and I think I’m done with that. It’s time to start saying Yes!

This article serves the purposes of killing the Bad Boy Syndrome. Women often fall in love with men who are no good for them. I believe that we women can be emotional and use our emotions to dictate our decisions. We need to look at things in a Male Way. We need to look Logically and observe these traits that make a man worthy of us or not worthy of us, no matter how much our heart wants something, its not always for us.

TWENTY Just Say Yes Qualities!

(I had to turn it up on the positivity and bust out 20 qualities on this list!)

Open and Honest: OMG, this is sooooo important. Lack of honesty is the downfall of every marriage that ever had a down fall. I don’t need to speak on this any further.

Loving: A man who is loving and loves you is very important. Someone who is actually willing to express their love is important for a woman because sometimes we can be insecure (Yes, I said it) and we need reinforcement.

Entertaining: This is high on my list because I get bored easy. This includes a man who is fun, spontaneous, loves to hang out and do things. Even if your idea of entertaining is watching paint dry, if he thinks thats entertaining too, then you’ve found the one.

Mature: This is my number one issue with men. Immaturity. This is the number one reason why I date men who are older than me by at least 5 years. I know, I know, younger men can be mature too but that is rare so I’m stacking the odds by trying to avoid them.

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Just Say No! Part 2

This is Part 2 folks… here is a link to part 1, if you need to catch up!

10 More things to avoid in a man/woman that you are trying to make it happen with:

To Much Ego: A man who is basically, selfish. This is a no no. One for all and all for one is how a relationship should go and if a man is onl

y thinking about himself, how is going to think about you?

Non Listener: A man who is not a good listener. Some one who can not really LISTEN to what you are saying is a useless waste of time. They will never know or understand you well enough to co-exist with you.

Pushy: Someone who is to forward. A pushy man makes me soooo unconfortable. Not giving you a chance to take time to make decisions is so rude and annoying.

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Bad Romance

I joined a writers group recently on Facebook and I have made some new Enlightened friends because of that. I thank my mentor Katrina for inviting me!

Anyway! One of my new Friends, Sam B. Redd asked, “Is it out of fear of loneliness that we find ourselves in relationship situations that we ultimately regret. Agree or disagree?”


We are often caught in a Bad Romance because we don’t want to be alone. I do firmly believe that it is subconscious. Agree or Disagree??

Lady Gaga, in all of her strange glory, I think was the first person to make me realize that sometimes people indeed crave conflict in relationships. She said…

I want your love

and I want your revenge

I want your love

I don’t wanna be friends

Je veux ton amour

Et je veux ta revanche

J’veux ton amour

I don’t wanna be friends

If you haven’t seen her video, check it out, it is very visually stimulating, and a little creepy. lol, I like it.

Please let me know if you think we suffer through relationships because we fear being lonely. Leave me a comment so we can get this topic dismissed!

Queen Pinky (^_^)

To Celebrate or not to celebrate…

Holiday’s get a lot of hype.

Halloween: A lot of religious people do not celebrate Halloween. It is a Pagan holiday, as I’ve heard, so Christians or people with very strong religious beliefs are not so big on it. I like the candy. Also, I don’t really know how to feel about a holiday that USED to stand for evil. America has changed it into a lot less of a devil worshiping type of thing and a lot more of a free candy type of thing, but some people still believe that the message stands and even if we don’t know we are doing it, we are still practicing Paganism… thats what they think. I don’t know about all that. I mean God knows my heart and he knows I do not stand on the side of the devil, will he still be mad at me for dressing my child up like an M&M so she can get some candy?

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Why the Hiatus, Queen?

I am writing a Novel.

The other stuff keeping me away is secondary and you’ve heard it all before: School, work, child rearing, internet has been disconnected due to non payment, dancing around in my underwear to Off the Wall by Michael Jackson… you know, the usual.

Please excuse my absence… I have a note and I will be back in school soon.

I am on chapter 15 of what I think will be 21. After that it will be hard core-reading and re-reading, adding, taking away and editing until I can’t stand my book anymore and can’t wait to make you all sick with it.

I would love help with publication, editing or other general information to help me with my book. I am a new, VERY NEW author, so know just about nothing. If you have any info you would like to share with me, please send it to me via the ABOUT US section of this page, it goes straight to my email, OR if you don’t feel like it, leave a comment here.

Please stand by. Greatness Approaching.

(-_-‘) Working Day and Night: Queen Pinky (^_^)


UPDATE: The Queen has been featured on the Gloat Page at Steamy Trails Promotions!

Thank you Steamy Trails for your guidance and wisdom!


Mind Your Own Business

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I believe Minding Our Own Business is an essential skill for life. People who don’t mind their own business pretty much, piss me off.

I think there are 3 good reasons to mind our own business.

1. Minding other peoples business is annoying: There is nothing worst than someone coming up to me and another person who are talking amongst ourselves and saying to me “You told Becky to back off?” Then I reply, “No, I told Becky her socks were off.”Then I remind them that they need to eavesdrop a little better before they try to join my conversation uninvited. Half the time a person minding your business has no idea what your talking about and joining into your business only means someone has to explain and catch them up to the conversation. Just don’t worry about it unless you are invited.

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Donate Life

I was watching The Closer on TNT Monday night and the episode centered around the topic of organ donation.

The criminal in the show was killing young men, setting it up to look like some kind of mob killing and harvesting the organs. Once the criminal got the organs he gave them to people on the organ donor list with devastating conditions. Children on the edge of life mostly.

The young men he killed were guilty of a very horrendous crime against a young woman and the criminal felt justified. Now, I’m not here to get into all the “was he right to do that” junk, but when Dr. Criminal was caught, at the end, he was removing a heart from one of the boys and he was going to give it to a young girl awaiting surgery. When I say awaiting, I mean, in anesthesia. So in the end, the girl got the heart anyway, even though it was evidence in a crime.

I Love The Closer.

I am writing this so I can change your minds about organ donation.

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