Relationship Thoughts Vol. 1

I have been thinking about relationships a lot lately… This blog is kinda like the launch pad for my thoughts on that subject because I don’t want my crime fiction readers to think I’m soft! LOL

Anyway! I had a few random thoughts I wanted to share.

1. Confused much? Why is it that when I’m hard to get, I’m wanted, but when I’m showing you that I want you, you back away?
2. Be real! I think the world would be a better place if MEN wouldn’t do so much to protect women’s feelings. More to come…
3. Fool me once… I’d rather be hurt once than for you to reopen the wound only to do permanent damage.
4. Commitment or nah? You CANNOT tie me down to a strictly sexual relationship. I will see others (Because at this point in my life (damn near 30) I need more than that). Take it all the way or nah. Shit or get off the pot.
5. Commitment or nah?? Don’t girlfriend me without a discussion before hand. I am one of those who needs a contract. Verbal or otherwise.
6. What do you want? Yo! Women get a bad rap for not knowing what they want, but guys, really? I guess this goes back to number 2. 4 and 5. You seem indecisive when you are just doing things to make us feel better and 4 and 5 should be self explanatory…
7. Grow up! To everyone, if we would all grow up and get mature, the world would be a better place. In general.

In conclusion, *Deep Sigh*

Queen ^_^


Just Say No! Part 2

This is Part 2 folks… here is a link to part 1, if you need to catch up!

10 More things to avoid in a man/woman that you are trying to make it happen with:

To Much Ego: A man who is basically, selfish. This is a no no. One for all and all for one is how a relationship should go and if a man is onl

y thinking about himself, how is going to think about you?

Non Listener: A man who is not a good listener. Some one who can not really LISTEN to what you are saying is a useless waste of time. They will never know or understand you well enough to co-exist with you.

Pushy: Someone who is to forward. A pushy man makes me soooo unconfortable. Not giving you a chance to take time to make decisions is so rude and annoying.

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Coming Quick

Coming Quick: New Premature Ejaculation Spray (???)

I am all about my Queens, So, I have started browsing for news that I can share with my Queens, for their own good. When I went to the Health section (because who of us doesn’t want to be more healthy) I saw some very interesting things. There was a blog on Lady GaGa and her lupus issue, which I guess is not much of an issue for her after all (^_^). There was also stuff about not eating everything you see in a commercial… (-_-)But it wasn’t until later that I laughed myself silly at this link from Dr. Gupta’s Health Blog, “Paging Dr. Gupta”. On June 2nd something was posted called “Spray may treat premature climax”. I can NOT believe the lengths that people are going to these days.

Ladies, I know Premature Ejaculation is annoying but do we really need our men to buy sprays and creams to deal with it? This is so laughable to me.

This article and this idea for a medicine lead me to the thought, and reminded me, that these companies will make anything to pray on our insecurities. I am not a man but I can only imagine how embarrassing it is to ejaculate prematurely. LOL. How do I know? Statements like this, “Oh, its been a long time,” “Wow, you were to good for me,” or “This never happened to me before.” Suuuure, it hasn’t. And let me warn you ladies: This article on states that the difference between the times from penetration to climax went from 36 SECONDS (Penetration to Climax) to 3.3 MINUTES (Penetration to Climax)…… Yea, these are some extreme cases we’re dealing with. Not Missy Elliot’s “One Minute Man” but something way worst.

But in my Kings defense: Ladies, we don’t make it much better for their egos. We start making jokes on our guy as soon as he even thinks about not taking his time with us. If we would cut them a little slack they probably wouldn’t feel so insecure, and less men will run out to buy the “Hold-On-To-That-Feeling-Spray”.

There is a bigger issue at play here, though: Medicines that cure our insecurities. We have to work on our insecurities from the inside out. No implants, surgeries or pills should make us feel better. We should love ourselves no mater what.

If you’re interested, check out the full article on Dr. Gupta’s Blog @ and make sure to read the comments at the bottom. Some readers have very good opinions regarding this matter.

Big Kiss(^_^)QueenPinky

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Sex, what is it good for?

Sex, what is it good for?

My favorite male phrase: “I need it.” This, in reference to Sex. Nobody NEEDS sex, or do they??? Sex… I don’t even wanna go here with this topic. I really don’t but I must ask the question, “Is sex necessary for a relationship to thrive?” Ugh. There it is. I said it.

Let’s start at I googled the effects of sex on the body and I got them. LiveStrong is pretty reputable so I figure, what the hey, let’s check it out. Turns out that frequent sex can make you healthier. SURPRISE. Lol. Safe sex, with a committed partner can be beneficial to your health. You can burn calories, it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in men with regular sexual activity (I don’t know what they conceder “regular activity”…). Endorphins released during sex can relieve pain from migraines and arthritis. Lol, so stop using that my head hurts excuse, ladies. Sex can also increases estrogen and reduces PMS symptoms. Sex can change your mood for the better. The article also goes on to the disadvantages of sex as well, including STD’s and physical bodily pain.

So, all that being said, I’m back to, is it good for a relationship? Well, I would guess so. It is the highest form of intimacy between a man and woman. There is nothing more affectionate than that, as far as I know. I’ve heard a lot of women and men say that if their sex life declines they automatically assume that there is something wrong with their significant other. They may not know exactly what the problem is until they really find out what the problem is but a lack of sex is always a hunch.

Some people use sex as a secret story they share with each other. Their intimate secrets come out in words and touches and it brings couples closer together. Also, can we not all agree that when sexual attraction is gone, one, or both partners seek it elsewhere? Seems like a strong sexual relationship will help sustain a relationship, but we all know that a relationship cannot live on sex alone.

The number one thing that sex is good for in a relationship is multiplication. That’s exactly what sex exists for. Everyone is playing Russian Roulette when it comes to sex because a child could come into the picture at anytime. That’s just one of the many things that could go wrong. Kids are a blessing from God, don’t get me wrong, I know first hand, I am a mother, but an unplanned pregnancy can be very tough on a couple.

So I guess my talk on sex has revealed a few things…

  1. Sex is good for the body. Sex is also bad for the body, if a couple is being irresponsible…
  2. Sex is good for a relationship, as long as it is healthy and safe. The absence of sex is bad for a relationship depending on each member of the relationship and how they value sex.
  3. Sex creates life.

So, sex is good and bad. That’s what I thought.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky


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