Donate Life

I was watching The Closer on TNT Monday night and the episode centered around the topic of organ donation.

The criminal in the show was killing young men, setting it up to look like some kind of mob killing and harvesting the organs. Once the criminal got the organs he gave them to people on the organ donor list with devastating conditions. Children on the edge of life mostly.

The young men he killed were guilty of a very horrendous crime against a young woman and the criminal felt justified. Now, I’m not here to get into all the “was he right to do that” junk, but when Dr. Criminal was caught, at the end, he was removing a heart from one of the boys and he was going to give it to a young girl awaiting surgery. When I say awaiting, I mean, in anesthesia. So in the end, the girl got the heart anyway, even though it was evidence in a crime.

I Love The Closer.

I am writing this so I can change your minds about organ donation.

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Mind over Matter

ABUSE in a relationship is not an option, right?

Yea, that’s what I thought, but a lot of women (and men) are subject to abuse in a relationship and DON’T leave. Are you serious?

Yes, I am.

I always say that if a man ever hits me I will have to leave him immediately. The reason I say this is because a) I’m not havin’ that shit, b) I’m not going to do anything to a man to make him think he needs to hit me, so if he does hit me there is a serious problem.

Now lets discuss option B. I believe a lot of women feel the same way I do, they don’t believe they do anything to make a man think he should hit them, but there are a lot of  things that are “Done” to a person and we don’t even know we are doing them. Small little snide remarks, eye rolling, “talking back”. I know a lot of men who react to smart mouths with a lot of anger and agitation. This takes me back to the need for positive, effective communication with your partner.

Still more, are the mental aspects of people who are abusive towards others. My good friend Marilyn Wiley has written a few very good articles on the Psychological aspects of abuse. Please check out her articles on the following links! Don’t forget to comment too!

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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Coming Quick

Coming Quick: New Premature Ejaculation Spray (???)

I am all about my Queens, So, I have started browsing for news that I can share with my Queens, for their own good. When I went to the Health section (because who of us doesn’t want to be more healthy) I saw some very interesting things. There was a blog on Lady GaGa and her lupus issue, which I guess is not much of an issue for her after all (^_^). There was also stuff about not eating everything you see in a commercial… (-_-)But it wasn’t until later that I laughed myself silly at this link from Dr. Gupta’s Health Blog, “Paging Dr. Gupta”. On June 2nd something was posted called “Spray may treat premature climax”. I can NOT believe the lengths that people are going to these days.

Ladies, I know Premature Ejaculation is annoying but do we really need our men to buy sprays and creams to deal with it? This is so laughable to me.

This article and this idea for a medicine lead me to the thought, and reminded me, that these companies will make anything to pray on our insecurities. I am not a man but I can only imagine how embarrassing it is to ejaculate prematurely. LOL. How do I know? Statements like this, “Oh, its been a long time,” “Wow, you were to good for me,” or “This never happened to me before.” Suuuure, it hasn’t. And let me warn you ladies: This article on states that the difference between the times from penetration to climax went from 36 SECONDS (Penetration to Climax) to 3.3 MINUTES (Penetration to Climax)…… Yea, these are some extreme cases we’re dealing with. Not Missy Elliot’s “One Minute Man” but something way worst.

But in my Kings defense: Ladies, we don’t make it much better for their egos. We start making jokes on our guy as soon as he even thinks about not taking his time with us. If we would cut them a little slack they probably wouldn’t feel so insecure, and less men will run out to buy the “Hold-On-To-That-Feeling-Spray”.

There is a bigger issue at play here, though: Medicines that cure our insecurities. We have to work on our insecurities from the inside out. No implants, surgeries or pills should make us feel better. We should love ourselves no mater what.

If you’re interested, check out the full article on Dr. Gupta’s Blog @ and make sure to read the comments at the bottom. Some readers have very good opinions regarding this matter.

Big Kiss(^_^)QueenPinky

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R.I.P. Oscar Grant

If you do not know who Oscar Grant is I have some links at the bottom of this blog entry so you can look into the issue I am addressing. This is a very sad 2nd day for my home city and I want to share with you something what I shared with my Facebook friends yesterday.

The whole tragedy with Oscar Grant makes me think of something that I’ve heard many people say, “Let them hit you first so when you kick their ass, you have a good reason.”

The police do not seem to believe this rule.

I have seen so many cases of police over reacting and killing or harming a person who would have barely scratched them, had they given them a chance to get close. Shooting an unarmed human is soooo ridiculous. I don’t understand why these police are so scared of unarmed humans. If they let an unarmed human attack them, all it will be is a boxing match. Do the police not think they can win a fist fight, so they gotta pull guns?

If we reflect on these cases the one thing we will see that is an ongoing theme of these attacks is that the police are in greater number than the individual(s) who are committing the crime. If you have 1 criminal you will for sure have at least 5 cops. Why can’t they handle that without a gun?

Why are they scared?

There needs to be a law against shooting someone in handcuffs. There needs to be a law against shooting someone on the ground. There needs to be a law against shooting someone who is running away. There needs to be a law that requires an officer to be attacked in a way that can cause him bodily harm before he can draw his firearm. I know some people might think that that last one might be to much but I don’t think so. I believe a person needs to show intent to harm an officer before a police officer can draw his weapon. Talking a lot of shit is not a good reason to get shot by a cop. Puffin out your chest while you’re in handcuffs is not a good reason to get shot. Resisting arrest is not a good reason to get shot. Police need to use their physical skills to subdue a person that is not PHYSICALLY HARMING ANY OFFICER. Unless I am full on beating a cop down, there is no reason to pull a gun on me.

These victims are usually already under control. They are on the ground, they are in cuffs, they are being guarded by 5 or 6 cops. Why do they need to get shot? Why are they so scary to the police? What is scary about a dude in cuffs? Sure he can head butt you, but thats not going to kill a cop. A bullet will kill a handcuffed person though.

There needs to be tough laws created to prevent these issues. If there is not a document legalized that saves people from this then it will always be in the hands of the jury and we can not have that anymore. It leaves to much to chance.

I do firmly believe that there needs to be legislation put into place that restricts gun usage by officers in certain situations. Although some may disagree with me because an officers right to use their firearm is sacred, a life is sacred also, even if the person is a criminal. There needs to be no doubt in an officers mind that a criminal is trying to cause him/her true bodily harm before they can reach for their firearm.

An unarmed person should never need to be shot. A person on the ground should never need to be shot. A person running away should never be shot. A person should never be shot in the back.

Keep you comments decent Please. I will be moderating them seriously in this case. No one is to be offended during this conversation. Information) of Oscar Grant Schooting – GRAPHIC)

Google “Oscar Grant”

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