Old People Need Health Care

I woke up this morning with a thought.

Why does healthcare cost so much?

Then I thought: It’s because doctors charge an arm and a leg for their services.

Then I thought: Forget about us young folks, why do the old people need to pay so much for healthcare? Can’t the doctors cut them some slack?

I don’t know if I talked about money with you guys before but I hate it. Plain and simple. People put prices on things based on what THEY think it should cost. All the way down to the parts that make something…. Let me explain….

A person sells rubber. Its just rubber, in its basic form, could be used for anything. This person only had to GET the rubber. They did not have to invent it. AND EVEN IF THEY DID! What should it cost? That person gets to decide! If they want to, they can charge less for it. They can shave profits to make it affordable.

The important word here is PROFIT. Sure, each product is worth something, but that EXTRA money that we pay people to put in their pockets, that has nothing to do with the product, can be manipulated in some way to help us save money.

This takes me to the Doctors. Doctors perform a service. Their supplies cost money, yes, but if I was only charged for that tongue depressor and the cap to cover the thing that looks in my ear then I would pay practically nothing to see a doctor. I’ll even throw in my part of the rent for the office. If all the clients split that cost it still shouldn’t cost that much to see a damn doctor. And I know there are a lot of clients because the doctor is always damn late for my appointment. He must be swamped.

Anyway. Elderly people are in a bad situation, overall. Social Security don’t pay shit and insurance companies are not always so interested in covering them because of all the many health issues they could have. They have to get AARP and all kindsa shit to cover their medical costs. Its stressful to the elderly to have to go through all that for something that should be so basically required. SO, this is how I feel, why don’t the damn Doctors charge less when they treat elderly clients? Shaving some money off their profits to help an elderly person would NOT hurt them! If they charged less for the elderly, that does not mean they need to charge us more either.

I did not want this to turn into a talk about money, but I can see its going there. Doctors make tons of money and this whole “How I’m Accustomed to Living” crap, really pisses me off, because thats what its all about. They want new cars and big homes while other people have never had that and are still alive, and HAPPY. I’m accustomed to living with basic cable, a car with no AC and bills that I sometimes can’t pay. Sometimes I pay everything AND have extra money! Thats great! Sometimes the cable goes off. Live with it! Doctors should be able to cut their costs and survive.

Some doctors make 100’s of 1000’s of dollars a year. Losing some thousand dollars a year to help the elderly should not kill them!

Aside from that, we all know that the doctors would find some way to keep that cash in their pocket anyway. Skimp on supplies, run a smaller staff. Either way, assistance to elderly is possible.

In a better f*cking world I guess.

What do you guys think? Who should take a pay cut for the elderly health issues?


Big Kiss (^_^) Queen Pinky

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