Just Say YES!

So, I’ve done 2 installments of Just Say No and I think I’m done with that. It’s time to start saying Yes!

This article serves the purposes of killing the Bad Boy Syndrome. Women often fall in love with men who are no good for them. I believe that we women can be emotional and use our emotions to dictate our decisions. We need to look at things in a Male Way. We need to look Logically and observe these traits that make a man worthy of us or not worthy of us, no matter how much our heart wants something, its not always for us.

TWENTY Just Say Yes Qualities!

(I had to turn it up on the positivity and bust out 20 qualities on this list!)

Open and Honest: OMG, this is sooooo important. Lack of honesty is the downfall of every marriage that ever had a down fall. I don’t need to speak on this any further.

Loving: A man who is loving and loves you is very important. Someone who is actually willing to express their love is important for a woman because sometimes we can be insecure (Yes, I said it) and we need reinforcement.

Entertaining: This is high on my list because I get bored easy. This includes a man who is fun, spontaneous, loves to hang out and do things. Even if your idea of entertaining is watching paint dry, if he thinks thats entertaining too, then you’ve found the one.

Mature: This is my number one issue with men. Immaturity. This is the number one reason why I date men who are older than me by at least 5 years. I know, I know, younger men can be mature too but that is rare so I’m stacking the odds by trying to avoid them.

Good Family Values: Family is important but sometimes family can be a disappointment as well. A man who has been disappointed by family but is still adamant about raising a good one is a very good catch. A man with a great family experiences who is adamant about raising a good family is also a good catch (^_^).

Responsible: Responsible for their actions is really what I’m thinking of. I hate men who don’t own up to their behavior. General responsible-ness is cool too.

Has Non-conflicting Beliefs: I’m talking about everything from religion to politics to child rearing. I know a republican and a democrat can be in love but to many conflicting beliefs can put stress on a relationship.

Hard Worker: Relationships are hard. A man who is willing to take the time and work on relationship challenges is the best! Same goes for his everyday life, work and relationships with others.

Believes in Equality: A man who believes a woman can do anything he can is refreshing. It’s his confidence in his woman that makes him attractive and worthy of her love. On another note: A relationship is 50/50 but if one person has less to give they are still a valued member of the relationship and should resume giving their part once they get it. On that note: we women should not be trying to give all or give none. We have to remember to balance ourselves.

Willing to take it slow: We just met, I don’t wanna kiss you, I don’t wanna take you home. I just wanna spend time with you and get to know you. If his response to that statement is anything less than, “Me too,” then reconsider him, immediately. Sure, ladies, we do wanna kiss him soooo bad, because he’s sexy perfect and amazing, BUT that is not advisable. We need to take our time. That is the only good way to develop a relationship.

Understanding/Good Listener: Being a good listener and understanding go hand in hand. A man must be understanding of a woman. We can be moody and unpredictable but that shouldn’t cause us to have to fight. If you don’t listen then you may never understand. Not hearing but listening. That takes me to my next quality…

Great Communicator: I will write a long version of this one because I believe it is the number one reason, besides dishonesty, that relationships don’t last. When two people can not communicate they can not understand each other and they will never get along well. There will always be some level of disagreement with no resolution. Communication is all about catering your communication style to the person you are speaking to, assisting the other person in understanding you. This will benefit everyone involved.

Romantic: Need I say more? We all want to be wined and dined.

Not Sex Starved: A man who is not always talking about or interested in sex is also very refreshing. Men, we know you are always thinking about sex but that doesn’t mean you need to always talk about it. We are always thinking about sex too, we just don’t act like it. (^_^)

Sexually Matched: Being compatible sexually is important. Having an interest in the same sexual situations (wink wink) is important. On another note: If a woman doesn’t turn a man on or vice versa, there will be trouble. Most people see sex as a sign of interest  so if sex is lacking because of incompatibility then there will be issues. Now, waiting for sex kinda puts a road block in this idea. Wait all these years to do it and then find out its not working out… ouch. This is probably like 1 in 1 million though, right?

Has cool friends and family: I know, this might sound weird but if you don’t like your mates friends or family, there could be serious problems. Plus birds of a feather flock together, right?

Self Esteem: I like my man to strut like a peacock. But in a good way! A man who is confident and believes in himself is so attractive and it does make a difference in a mans personality. There is a necessary balance. Not conceded but not low self esteem. Knowing that they are great and not rubbing it in other peoples faces at the same time.

Socially Capable: OMG, I don’t know how many times I have gone out on a date and it was the last I would ever take with this man! Embarassing the wait staff, talking all loud in the restaurant, not leaving a tip, not holding the door for others if they are right behind us, just not good socially. How a man treats others when he is in public is very important. If he shows no care for people who he doesn’t know then he will be very likely to treat you badly when he is upset. He will treat you like he doesn’t know you.

Keeps Their Word: If you tell me you’re going to do something, do it. If you just can’t do it, then tell me. I will (ladies….) be mature enough to understand your reasoning and try to assist you in assisting me. I will not (ladies….) get overly emotional and make you feel bad if you cant do it.

Attractive: Last and definitely least. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Aside from that I have seen very UGLY men turn into the Swan because of their glowing personalities, care, consideration and love they have for a woman. Then I have seen some gorgeous men turn into Trolls because they are assholes. Attractive just means, he needs to be Attractive to you.

Okay ladies: Make your list, it may include other things, omit things from my list or be completely different. Just make your list and stick to it. Avoid Materialistic and Shallow items like, He has to be RICH or he needs to have a 6-pack. Just focus on inner beauty, the same why you would want a man to focus on your inner beauty.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

6 thoughts on “Just Say YES!

  1. very well written Ms pinky…..all points are so true and very valid…. the one that touched me the most….open and honest….and loving…..many women feel they have been hurt and harbor so much so they keep a lot inside….but being honest with a potential mate is so necessary…men lack the mind reading skills we women have ;) ….so we need to tell them our feelings…and if the love you…they will listen….

    Thanks for this read LIL one… you make me so proud…

  2. thetalentedmrbentley says:

    Good list. I read “Just say No.” That was pretty good two. Best believe that I will be doign my list shortly/ Good to see you writing again. ;o)

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