Just Say No! Part 2

This is Part 2 folks… here is a link to part 1, if you need to catch up!


10 More things to avoid in a man/woman that you are trying to make it happen with:

To Much Ego: A man who is basically, selfish. This is a no no. One for all and all for one is how a relationship should go and if a man is onl

y thinking about himself, how is going to think about you?

Non Listener: A man who is not a good listener. Some one who can not really LISTEN to what you are saying is a useless waste of time. They will never know or understand you well enough to co-exist with you.

Pushy: Someone who is to forward. A pushy man makes me soooo unconfortable. Not giving you a chance to take time to make decisions is so rude and annoying.

Beggar: A man who asks for something over and over again with no signs of letting up. A beggar is by far my number one lease liked trait on this list. If I say no, do not ask me again! Do not ask me again if I haven’t even given you an answer. That just makes me want to say no to what ever you are asking me.

Jealous: A man who is intolerant of other peoples closeness to you. Jealousy is a funny one. Sometimes its cute but it can also go over the line. A man is allowed to be inwardly jealous of your interactions with another man, like having a close male friend or hugging another man, but outward jealousy is so unattractive. It is a sign that the man is not confident in his position with the woman. He feels like he could be replaced or that he can’t trust the woman and that all needs to be dealt with or avoided.

Whinner: A man who complains about everything, especially when it is minor. OMG Whinners suck. I love a man who lets minor distractions slide. Men who complain about things that are not worth listening to are sooooo annoying. “Oh, my co-worker took my pencil today, but i just got another one.” Vs. “My coworker is such a jerk, he took my pencil today, why would he do that, i dont like pencil takers, why cant they just play nice, what am i supposed to do without a pencil.” SHUT UP!

Over Sexual: A man who eat, sleeps and breaths SEX. Sex is not a necessaty function of daily living. It is meant for the purpose of reproducing humans. A man who can not stop talking about it, thinking about it or begging for it is sooooo not worth a womans time. The relationship will be consumed by sex, how its done, how often its done and why it needs to be done more often. Side Note: These over sexual men love to send pictures of their Genitalia to women who they have just met. Gross.

No Aspiration: Someone who does not believe they should do anything above and beyond what they are already doing. In Part 1 I brought up the person with No Motivation. The way this is different is that it has a lot to do with life altering events. Motivation is more like getting up and getting a job. Aspiration is like moving out of the city your lived in all your life, or starting your own business. Men who aspire for nothing, have nothing.

A Leech: A person who wants you to give them everything and do everything for them. Just a lazy, non working, broke all the time, gimme money, gimme food, gimme jewels, type of person. They may look fancy on the outside but I assure you, someone else bought those fancy clothes for them in their last relationship. This person also expects you to wait on them hand and foot.

Lazy: Someone who doesn’t want to do anything. When I say lazy I mean doesn’t even wanna get up to go to the movies, if someone else is paying! Just doesn’t wanna do anything that will require energy. They don’t exercise or clean up after themselves, either.

This is the end of part 2. I think these qualities are kind of a step down from Part 1 but hey, we hope the lists get better right!? Next time: Just say YES! Qualities you want in a significant other. If you guys want to leave comments about Just say no or just say yes I’ll appreciate that!

(^_^) Queen Pinky

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