Bad Romance

I joined a writers group recently on Facebook and I have made some new Enlightened friends because of that. I thank my mentor Katrina for inviting me!

Anyway! One of my new Friends, Sam B. Redd asked, “Is it out of fear of loneliness that we find ourselves in relationship situations that we ultimately regret. Agree or disagree?”


We are often caught in a Bad Romance because we don’t want to be alone. I do firmly believe that it is subconscious. Agree or Disagree??

Lady Gaga, in all of her strange glory, I think was the first person to make me realize that sometimes people indeed crave conflict in relationships. She said…

I want your love

and I want your revenge

I want your love

I don’t wanna be friends

Je veux ton amour

Et je veux ta revanche

J’veux ton amour

I don’t wanna be friends

If you haven’t seen her video, check it out, it is very visually stimulating, and a little creepy. lol, I like it.

Please let me know if you think we suffer through relationships because we fear being lonely. Leave me a comment so we can get this topic dismissed!

Queen Pinky (^_^)

6 thoughts on “Bad Romance

  1. i think that’s absolutely true. i was actually thinking about this yesterday because i was watching “hellcats” where they were talking about fearing the unknown and choosing less than gratuitous paths as a result. sometimes the feeling of having someone – even if that someone isn’t the best some one, per se – is a better feeling than wanting someone…

    • Fearing the Unknown. That is such a true statement in regards to how we feel during a relationship change. I also think we may project negative sometimes because of our hurt and that makes the old look just as good when the new could be everything we need.

  2. Goodness gracious are you back from the grave?!

    I completely agree people in relationships they would not usually be in is the result of fear of loneliness.

  3. Queen Pinky,
    I believe many of us are in relationships for fear of being alone but my personal take is that “I’d rather be alone than to wish I were.” This because there are times it’s a blessing to bask in our company rather than endure someone’s toxic presence.

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