To Celebrate or not to celebrate…

Holiday’s get a lot of hype.

Halloween: A lot of religious people do not celebrate Halloween. It is a Pagan holiday, as I’ve heard, so Christians or people with very strong religious beliefs are not so big on it. I like the candy. Also, I don’t really know how to feel about a holiday that USED to stand for evil. America has changed it into a lot less of a devil worshiping type of thing and a lot more of a free candy type of thing, but some people still believe that the message stands and even if we don’t know we are doing it, we are still practicing Paganism… thats what they think. I don’t know about all that. I mean God knows my heart and he knows I do not stand on the side of the devil, will he still be mad at me for dressing my child up like an M&M so she can get some candy?

Christmas: Getting gifts for your children and family is great, but we can do that all year. Christmas is supposed to be the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Giving him gifts was the whole idea at first I think, now we just give gifts to anyone who was ever born. Isn’t that called a birthday? Umm, moving on. P.s. Getting Christmas off from work when you’re not even a Christian? Is that okay?

Valentines Day: I have to take my talks about this from the fellas. I do not think it is essential to buy flowers, candy and spend all a mans money on Valentines day! The reason I say this is because if you have a strong, positive, loving relationship, you should be getting these things regularly and not getting it on the 14 of February shouldn’t bother you.

St. Patricks Day: Do I really have to say it? An excuse to get drunk! Half of us are not even half Irish and who was St. Patrick anyway? Let’s do our research before we toss back a pint!

Any President Based Holiday: I just don’t love politics that much, nor do I love Lincoln or Washington at all! I do succumb to the joy of a day off in the middle of the week, even better on a Monday or Friday. I can’t help it!

New Years: Ew, this one is okay I guess… another reason to get trashed, but I like the idea of New Years Resolutions. If we all took them more seriously the world would be a much greater place!

So how do I feel about holidays? Really? I am 50/50. I do enjoy a day off. As a childcare professional, I love a day off, but sometimes I feel forced. I feel bad for any non-Christians out there who get a week off of work with no pay for Christmas and etc. I think that national holidays that point towards days off should not be based around religion. I could (and will) write a lot about religion and politics staying separate but for now, holidays will be as they will be.

Just gimme my gifts!

QueenPinky (O_o)

6 thoughts on “To Celebrate or not to celebrate…

  1. Actually Halloween (or the pagan version Samhain) never stood for evil. Old religions were based on the harvest cycle and this is the point where the old cycle ends and we start a new cycle….it’s new years eve basically. Other religions added their own thing the most common addition being that on that eve the veil between worlds was thinnest and you could conceivably speak to dead loved which might be where the confusion on ‘devil worshiping’ came from.

    • Thank you for that info. I don’t know much about the origins of holidays and I should look into closer but I don’t have any problems with any religions, because thats not my business. As long as I’m doing what I think is right, I’m not going to damn anyone else for doing what they think is right religiously. We just need to treat each other with respect and love, no mater what our affiliations are.

      Thank you Raven!

  2. Queen Pinky,
    marvelous breakdown of holidays you have here! I’d have to say I enjoy most holidays because they provide a break in the mundane. It gives one an excuse to dress up, eat some good food and in the best case scenario, spend quality time with family. Christmas is definitely my favorite. I love the weather during this time of year and the hustle and bustle. Oh, I don’t know, it just feels merry! :)

    • Winter is nice and you’re right holidays leave us time break away from work and stress and etc. I just think they should be taken for what they are and we should not be reading into it so much.

      Thanks for visiting! ♥

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