Mind Your Own Business

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I believe Minding Our Own Business is an essential skill for life. People who don’t mind their own business pretty much, piss me off.

I think there are 3 good reasons to mind our own business.

1. Minding other peoples business is annoying: There is nothing worst than someone coming up to me and another person who are talking amongst ourselves and saying to me “You told Becky to back off?” Then I reply, “No, I told Becky her socks were off.”Then I remind them that they need to eavesdrop a little better before they try to join my conversation uninvited. Half the time a person minding your business has no idea what your talking about and joining into your business only means someone has to explain and catch them up to the conversation. Just don’t worry about it unless you are invited.

2. Minding other peoples business means we don’t have our own: You could be doing something better than worrying about me and my business. Unless I invite you, find something productive to do on your own. Create your own business.

3. Minding other peoples business improperly can cause them great grief: Improper business minding usually means spreading other peoples business around. If I tell someone I am trying to think of a way to break up with my boyfriend and then some evil eavesdropper takes it upon themselves to go tell my boyfriend, now I have to deal with how he feels about this second hand information. I may have even changed my mind and decided not to break up with him after all, how do I explain that?

There are a few instances where I think minding someone else’s business is okay.

1. When they are in danger: If this person over heard me saying that I was going to KILL my boyfriend, then please let him know. I am a bad, bad, girl. Oh, P.S. If someone tries to warn you that you are n danger because they over heard someone threatening you in anyway, please take it seriously, I don’t want you to turn out like a Lifetime Movie.

2. If it will help someone positively: This one is actually 50/50. If someone says, “Oh, I’m so hungry,” to another friend and you over hear that and decided to bring them back a Snicker, as long as they are not allergic to peanuts, you’re good, they will probably appreciate you listening and responding to their need. But then, if you hear someone say, “Oh, I’m so broke,” and you try to loan then some money without them asking you, some people would be offended. Thats just a pride thing, but you don’t want to offend someone, so keep your cash. You also have to know who your dealing with. Some people are so easy going that offering help of any kind is appreciated, other are a little uptight. A lot uptight…

3. If it will help you, without effecting the other person: If you over hear some information that may help you, like you hear two friends talking and one says, “My sister works at Macy’s and they are having a huge sale on electric nose hair trimmers.” I know you’ve had your heart set on getting one and this bit of information will help you, while at the same time not effecting the other people involved.

So, in conclusion, I do think that people should be concerned about the well being of other but unless you are helping and not hurting another person then you need to mind your business. A person who observes and is a part of the issue can give me advice any day, but someone who half-ass knows what the issue is can not offer me any help.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

If you can think of any more good reasons to mind our own business, comment!
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7 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business

  1. Queen Pinky,
    Another great post that serves to remind us when it’s acceptable and NOT to butt in on someone’s personal life. I find myself abstaining from minding other people’s business because at the end of the day, I barely have enough energy to mind my own, let alone someone else’s!
    By the way, I’ve put out an appeal to recruit followers through Bloglovin. Interested? I’m been following you for a while cause I like your stuff!

  2. thetalentedmrbentley says:

    Yesssss! Nosy people piss me off too. I was just talking about this recently. There is nothing worse than a person who lives to talk about what other people are doing. You are right, people that don’t have anything to do are usually the nosiest people and they should go kill themselves.

    • LMAO, you are tooooooo funny.
      Everytime I read that “kill themselves” line, I DIE laughing. OMG.

      Yes, you are right, that I am right. We are right. Nosey people suck. As I said, the worst thing for me is when they are not eaves dropping hard enough to really know what I’m talking about but they want to be involved. Just GO AWAY! I hate that! Ugh.

      Hey, thanks for stopping by! Missed you.

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