Party Time!

Images I captured at a few very memorable party.

When I moved to AZ I worked at Best Buy for a short time and I met some AMAZING people. We don’t all keep in touch which is sad but I still adore them and keep their memories close…

Click thumbnail to see larger image


Jager Bombs… Worst thing ever. (^_^)

Cheap Guests

I didn’t buy any alcohol for this party… look what I get. (^_^)

Slurred Speech

First time for everything. LOL.


This party made me never want to drink again… (*_*)

Rack ‘Em

I have to say, I got to play pool with someone I really, REALLY enjoy being around. I miss him much. ( ‘ _’ )

Bone Appetit

I thought this was so frickin’ cute. LOL.

Little Sister

I did not drink any of these… but I thought they were so cute (^_^)

Who- Ka

This was my first meeting with a Hookah. I didn’t smoke with it. But just being around it was awesome… As you can see by my next images.


Cool Smoke!


Can you find the human? (^_^)


I thought this was soooooo cool!

I am such a social butterfly. Sorry most of the pictures are of Alcohol but I was just starting to experiment with my camera so I wanted to explore objects.

Hope you enjoy.

All images are property of Tiffany Lewis and ByPinky Photography

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5 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. not really my thing any more…
    but yessssssssss…

    i remember the times!

    (you’ve been MIA for a while…
    hope you’re not still sleeping off that hangover!

    • I have been away, yes, thanks for noticing ( ‘ _’) (*_*)

      Work has kicked into full swing: I am no longer laid off.
      School has kicked into full swing: I am completing a certification this year and I am on independent study so… I’m teaching myself, essentially.

      I will post this week. Promise.
      P.s. I have not been out drinking since a month after those pictures were taken: Over a year ago. lol

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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