Emotions are EVIL

Social Networks are Evil.

They create a High School like environment where nothing is private or sacred and anyone can do or say anything to hurt you.

Now, I am a firm believer that you can use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and all that other stuff without without the drama because you have to ALLOW people into your space. They can’t just show up in 3rd period gym class and mess with you! The problem with Facebook specifically is that you can see stuff from “Friends of Friends” and stuff like that. That’s were issues come about for me. I have chosen to keep lots of people away from me but a lot of those people have connections to other people I hate and that “Friends of Friends” thing, get me…

Emotions are Evil.

Social networks are the reason I hate my emotions today!

I have a connection to someone who should be very close to me and my life but they are not. I use Facebook to keep people close to me, I’m there everyday. This person upset me today because of something they posted as their Status. These types of things have been an ongoing trend, ever since I connected with this person on Facebook but it wasn’t until today that my stupid EMOTIONS actually let this status upset me. I had been “okay” with this person and the issue we have with not being close but somehow today I just can’t even stand them and they made me cry and I want to call them and give them a piece of my mind…

But I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m sorry I can’t go into more details but there are people who read my writing who know this person and this issue is an issue for them too. I don’t want anyone getting upset just because I’m upset. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Emotions are THE HARDEST thing to control about oneself. Even when we say we will control ourselves or not be jealous or not be mad or get over something, emotions keep us on our toes. If we truly want to over come our emotions and how they effect us, we run into a serious challenge and an inner perspective check. Being jealous means we probably need to re-evaluate how we feel about that issue, being mad means we may need to think about something further or change our communication method, being happy means we should do what made us happy more often. Everything takes thought and processing and definitely not rash decision making.

And no, I do not think that deleting the connection I have to this person from Facebook is a Rash Decision. They have my number and the phone works both ways.

The Emotion of the day: Upset/Sad.

Big Kiss ( ; _ ; ) QueenPinky

(I think I’ll start another blog with a secret identity so I can really get this off my chest… I’ve seen it work for others…)

10 thoughts on “Emotions are EVIL

  1. Hey Queen, Letting things “get us down” is just a part of life. There will always be obstacles and disappointments in life… :-)

    I know this might not make you feel any better, ’cause sometimes…

    you just gotta go through it (some bad stuff),
    to get to it (the good stuff)

    The difference between a Queen and a Chamber Maid is that they both have bad days and feel let down, but a Queen won’t let it “keep” her down!


    • Your right about the facts of life and I do feel better. Rational always makes me feel better. Another thing about Queens is that when they feel like there is a problem they have the power to deal with the problem head on and fight until the injustice is righted. lol

      But seriously, this situation is all a matter of The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil. This Queen is about to start Squeaking, real loud.
      (I have to do it for my Princess…)

  2. Ah, anonymity is amazing. :)

    I know you have commented on my post about facebook making the world smaller. I had facebook but de-activated it when I was promoted to the status SINGLE. :) haha, so I’m kinda content with no facebook at the moment but I know that when my traveling becomes pretty regular I will need to start it up again. By that time, I will probably be in control of my emotions or my love for my ex-bf will not be as strong as it is today.

    Again, he has my number and I still keep in contact with his mom so there would be no use in deleting him as a friend anyway.

    • Lol, because of the amount of unfiltered life that you experience through facebook, i still think it’s a good idea to not have him as a friend. You might see something or read something that you don’t like and until the wound is completely healed I think it a better idea to limit your interactions with him to what you can control, like text or mommy calls. :D

      Facebook just allows way to much to be seen. People can see when your in a relationship, they see all your rants on status updates pictures that other people have tagged you in. There are just to many possibilities for offense…

      Fortunately for me, my issue is not with an ex or someone I have feelings for. It’s hard to explain without going into details. But it’s not like my ex or someone like that. It’s someone that I can talk to rationally and work out our issue, which I will be doing soon!

      Big Kiss!

  3. Wow. This was great. I really wish you wrote this 4 years ago when I was starting High School, although it will definitely be a “note to self” for college. Thank you.

    • Lol. Well, I just got into Facebook this year so I wish someone would have warned me too. I have always believed that social networks are “control-able”, that’s why I control who I interact with so closely, use ALL the privacy settings and will not hesitate to delete a “friend”. I am not going to let my experience get ruined! lol, plus I’m a control freak so I wanna dictate how everything works for me.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Pete says:

    Queen, I’m going through the same situation right now. It’s wonderful how in social networks to simply delete someone its a simple “Unfollow,block, delete friend.” But in life its a whole process of getting over a person. How I sometimes wish for a delete button in reality.

    • OMG thats so real. I would love to be able to just delete and block a person from my life. The problem with real life is that emotions are involved but we have to be strong and stand by our decisions. Emotions come on uncontrollably, I don’t care what anyone says. Its like how can we KNOW we shouldn’t be with a person and then are sad to see them go. Its all a mess.

      Getting over a person is as fast as you can make it. Even though your emotions are slowing down the process this is when your brain has to go into overdrive and push you forward.

      Thanks for reading!

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