Why Don’t You Love Me?

The first time I heard “Why Don’t You Love Me” By Beyonce, I was in a good head-space. I was with family and I was not aware of the impending doom on my love life that would occur a few days later. (^_^) Anywho, this video was very eye catching to say the least and the beat is so mesmerizing but the message in the lyrics is the most powerful part of the song.

How many women think they are perfect and that they have done nothing to cause a man to not want them. I’ve even said that before. Well, as an adult woman I think I finally realized that thinking I am perfect to me, is good for ME but when you’re in a relationship, you need to be perfect to the person you are in the relationship with.

I am in no way advocating changing yourself to fit the mold of the person you are seeing. That will make you miserable! The person who chooses you has to love everything about you. Some changes are okay as long as they are for the good of YOU and your partner but you should never have to change WHO YOU ARE. Some people are just not meant to be, obviously, or else we’d all be going out with each other.

We have to remember that just because WE want someone DOESN’T mean that they are for us.



4 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Love Me?

  1. You are almost right on target with my thoughts! In the sense where I’m going through or thinking through the same things…

    I don’t believe myself to be perfect but based on the compliments and encouragements that I have received from guy friends they are amazed someone hasn’t come along… although, for me, someone has already come along but has coincidentally already gone too.

    Since I’m at the 6 month mark, I find myself looking back to review my mistakes and accomplishments. So I asked him, what could I have done to prevent you from leaving? And currently, what would have to be done to have you stay…

    No answer. He says he needs to time to think about it.

    Stated amazing thought-love encompasses you, your faults, vices, and virtues

    • That’s the classic answer: Needs to think about it… That’s because its so hard to know the REAL answer. We get something from everyone in our lives and we may not be able to pin point what that thing is. For some people those things can never be put into words.

      • oh he will have an answer. he is one of the 2 guys i know who can adequately state his emotions and feelings. besides, if he doesn’t i will tell his mom.

        who is still upset that her son broke it off. haha…

      • lol, Good Mom! She knows whats right when she sees Her!

        Well, he is lucky to be adequate in the language of Emotion. I still have a hard time explaining how I truly feel about someone. Mostly out of an irrational fear of sounding stupid (@_@)…


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