Desert Flowers

I went to New Mexico for the 4th of July and got some pictures of flowers in my fathers yards. I realized that all the images of flowers I have taken in the last 2 years have been Desert Flowers. Even in the “desolation ” of the screaming hot desert, we have beauty.



This is my hands-down number one favorite image. I had just got my new camera for Christmas (believe it or not) and took this image outside of my apartment.


I don’t remember where I took this but Arizona has a series of red flowers popping up everywhere.


Also took this at my apartment complex. This was growing on a tree.


Number two favorite. The people living upstairs from me had a raggedy chair in front of their door and this flower invaded its space.


I took this in New Mexico, 4th of July. It was also growing on a tree.


This was in front of the unemployment office. LOL. I know it’s not a flower but it was very beautiful to me.


Also at my fathers house. This was on a tall bush.


This is my favorite color as of late. Soft, majestic Purple.


Near the pool of my apartment. More red/pinkish colored flowers in AZ.

Photography has always fascinated me! Look for a review coming soon of Sailes Photography.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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4 thoughts on “Desert Flowers

    • Thanks much, I feel like I can probably get more colors if I search them out, but with the weather out here there are only so many plants that survive. LOL. Most of them are red. (^_^)

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