POLL: Who Makes the First Move?

Who Makes the First Move? (After a breakup)

So, in my last few break ups I made few attempts to reconnect with my ex after the initial break up. I did respond to any of their attempts, because I try to get over my break up as soon as possible and I just want to co-exist with everyone, even ex boyfriends.

Also in my case, the way I usually break up so much like a meeting that it would almost seem irrational not to keep in touch. We usually try to resolve issues and explain pain and suffering. A lot of people do not get that much into it at all so there are open wounds still left untreated. This makes for difficulty dealing with communication after a break up.

I opened up the conversation of after-relationship-communication because I wanted to get a show of hands on this one. Please participate in my polls and comment when you’re done.

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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2 thoughts on “POLL: Who Makes the First Move?

  1. My ex-bf kept in contact. He said he’d call once a week because i was basically his best friend. I mean, true that’s because we’ve been together for 2 years. We told each other everything.

    He did. But it was too hard for me to strictly be friends and try to get over him all the while still trying to maintain communication.

    I asked him to stop calling and only communicate thru email. Well we did and the first email he sent was to tell me he’s seeing someone at school, LOL. Weird I know. After that I never emailed him back.

    I did text him a couple days ago about a package I had sent months ago around our breakup where I never received confirmation of receipt. After that we’ve been somewhat talking, I guess.

    It’s weird.

    • All I wanna know is why would he email to tell you that. I mean he should tell you eventually but if you told him to stop calling because it was to hard for you then why would he drop that bomb on you on the first email!??! Crazy guy!

      It takes time for people to get back into communication, thats for sure. I’m still not ready to call the last guy I talked to… I just feel like such a loser! When I get dumped thats how I feel about contact.

      Hey! Follow us on Twitter. We are out of the stoneage! http://twitter.com/QueenSpeaksBlog

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