Just Say No! Part 1

Just Say No

During my time as a woman I have observed traits in people (not just men) that make them unable to maintain a stable relationship. I call these Just Say No Traits. One or a combination of these things can cause a person to be un-date-able.

These traits can be repaired or eliminated to make someone a better person but they are sometimes hard wired into the system and need lots of readjusting to get rid of them…

Please look out for these qualities and avoid them Like The Plague. This is part one of this particular subject, I’ll cover 10 issues now and ten later. If I can find 10 more, there will be a part 3! Stay Tuned.

In No Particular Order:

Confrontational: A person who constantly tries to create problems. No amount of problem solving skills can help a person involved with someone who is confrontational.

Controlling: A person who wants a hand in all maters at all times. This person wants to tell you when, where, how, how many, why, why not, etc. You are not allowed to do anything without their permission or them knowing what you are doing.

Secretive: This person conceals some part of their life or activity from you. They may keep you from their home or hold conversations in private. Not all secret issues are sign for alarm but please keep an eye open for suspicious behavior.

Mean to his mother: A man who disrespects his mother. Respect for women is across the board. If he curses out his own mother, he will not talk to you much better.

Doesn’t care for his children: This person has no ties to their children what so ever and does not contribute financially, emotionally, or spiritually to his children. This is kind of like the Mean to his mother line. A man who feels he has no responsibility to his children will not be responsible for much else.

Liar: Someone who does not tell the truth. This should be obvious but let me get into something a little deeper. A man doesn’t have to lie to you right off the bat to be a liar. He can lie to anyone about anything. That is enough to be a sign.

Conceited: A person who thinks extremely highly of themselves. There is one thing to think you’re great (I have that problem) but there is a whole other issue to think that you are greater than anyone. There is and always will be someone more beautiful than another, it’s the circle of life. One beautiful person passes away and another one is born. Same for the ugly people. Get over yourself.

Has a Girlfriend: A person in a committed relationship and the fact that there is a relationship is common knowledge. The main problem with this is that IF a person leaves their significant other for you they will more than likely do the same thing to you.

No Motivation: A person with no personal drive to do anything. This is a person who lives at home with their mother and has no intentions of moving out. This person settles and does not want anything better than what they have.

Possessive/clingy: Unnaturally attached to another person to the point of being controlling. This person does not want you to do anything without them. They are very likely to try to keep you away from your family and friends as well. This person can actually be very dangerous because these relationships are known to get into violence and psychotic behaviors if the person looses control over you.

That Ends Part 1…

We all have to try our best to get into things for the right reasons. Sometimes the people who display these traits just need time to grow. Give them some space!

Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

P.S. If you have any suggestions, comment here and I will add them. I know you guys have suggestions! You always do.

P.S.S. Thanks for all the love!

[Source:http://images.chron.com/blogs/realrehab/archives/pictures/just_say_no.gif (Just Say No Image)]

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9 thoughts on “Just Say No! Part 1

  1. i think you should add someone who doesn’t know how to listen …i mean truly listen-to your emotions, your facial expressions, body language, can’t “call your bluff”, even can’t listen to what you say literally. just a thought :)

    • Yes! That totally sucks when a man wont listen to you. Really Listen. Sitting there with a blank stare is not listening. I will for sure add that!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  2. rebelliously says:

    Also, a Man with No Male Ego…This is a universal thing and it is really to find men to treat women equally in all respects…I am a staunch supporter for Equality of Sexes…Women are liberal, independent both financially and emotionally today…They do not need men to feed them…Cmon we are not your slaves or maids…It is very important for a man to respect his woman for what she is…And yes, a man is definitely incomplete without his woman…

    • Yes, a man who thinks men are better than women at things (anything) is not a good look. The battle of the sexes is not a great way to work out a relationship. Women always win! LOL. And you are soooooo right, a man is incomplete without a woman. They wouldn’t even be alive without a woman!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

      • rebelliously says:

        P.S A woman is not happy if she does not Win…I had seen in some movie…This guy was suggesting his friend that “If you want your marriage to be successful, let your wife call the shots “…Though women are not always right , same applies for men, but a man should be smart enough to deal with her…

      • My favorite quote about marriage: “Do you want to be right, Or do you want to be happy?” Ralphie May said that… Comedian…

        And, although he was looking at it a little differently I got a good feeling from it. It’s about compromise and letting another person feel good. Nobody likes to feel like they are wrong all the time or that they are no good at something. I always have to tell the kids I work with when they argue with other children about being right, I say, Do you know you are right? Well then just let them THINK they are right and you be confident in the fact that you are right. I always remind them that THEY ARE RIGHT but they don’t need to beat people over the head with their superiority. I have NO problem with letting a man be a man and call the shots because, really, thats what they are supposed to do, they are supposed to lead the house, but I do want some say, IN EVERYTHING!! LOL.

        Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  3. Michelle Brown says:

    I guess this kind of ties in with possessive and clingy, but jealousy should be another one. I’m talking about the crazy jealousy that when your boyfriend sees a man who says “Please pass the salt” at a company dinner and he immediately equates that with a torid love affair you are having…you should RUN!

    Great list!

    • LOL. You are so right. I will add jealousy to the next list because I believe jealousy is a little different. Thanks for pointing that out. A jealous man will let you go out with your friends, insist that you have a good time, but have an attitude when you come home and accuse you of having to much fun. LOL.
      Thanks for coming by QueenMichelle!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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