What do women really want?

What do women really want?

Men highly believe that what most women want out of their men is a lot. When in reality, is it really? For some reason men get this idea that women want a thug, a preppy guy, a millionaire, a chef, or even a family guy. But, if we look beyond the meaning of these words then you get something much deeper. In fact, you get something that all they have in common.

Let me break this down into what women really want.

A)     A men that is loyal not only to themselves or their profession but to the one that they claim to be with. Someone that has allegiance to them and only them. Which brings me to,

B)     A man that is trustworthy. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, then what do you have? Nothing. If a man can’t be trusted then what is the point of being in a relationship. Mind you that does go both ways. So, in the mind of a woman that is truly trustworthy, there is nothing called an open relationship. Why? Because at the end of it all you are still sharing your partner. It’s all cheating. Which means you can’t be trusted.

C)     Honesty. A woman should never have to question what her man does or what her man is doing. Just be honest about what is going on with the life that is being lead. A man has to remember when you are in a relationship you put away the “I” for “US”. So, when the “I” gets into any trouble of some sort, it’s really “US” that is in the trouble. Reason being, going back to being loyal and trusting. When you are loyal and trusting to your partner then you can always count on them being there for you.

D)     An independent man is always a winner. A car, a job, and a place of their own are ALWAYS nice but there is more to being independent. A man that can take care of themselves and not need mommy or wifey to take care of them is always a plus. That just shows that they have the will power to do it themselves. It may not always be the right route, but it does show the willingness of them taking care of themselves.

E)      A man that wants you for you and not the sex. Yes, I know in our generation people look for sex as being a major role in a relationship. But, there is more to the relationship than just sex. If a woman has a partner and all he ever wants is to have sex, I’m sorry then there is a problem. Look at the woman for who they really are and not look in between their legs. A woman always has that an instinct of what is really going on with their man. So, if woman has the feeling that their man is only there for that one thing, I highly doubt that relationship is going to last.

F)      Respect for their mothers. I grew up with my mother always telling me, “If a real man respects their mother then it’s a high chance that they will respect you.” The reasoning behind that is, a man will not treat you in any way that they wouldn’t want their mother to be treated by another man. Some men are known to curse, yell, and be very disobedient/ disrespectful to their mother. But, if you come across a man that won’t treat their mother like that, then it’s a good chance that they wouldn’t treat you like that. And I have seen it on both sides. So, I find that to be very true.

G)     Or even a man that doesn’t have a problem showing their love. I know that love is a very strong word.  But, love also is shown and not said in most cases. Having a man that doesn’t have a problem expressing their true emotions, affection, and attachment is always a plus. Just like a man who wants a woman that is a lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed. That is the same with a woman having her man show that he can take care of him, her, and them in the streets and be loving (showing the emotion, affection, and attachment) in the bed. Once again, this is one that goes both ways.

H)     Friendship. My mother always told me that the best relationship is one that starts off with a strong friendship. Mainly because, when you start off as friends then you ready know for the most part what makes the other one tick.

I)       To feel protected. See, most women can protect themselves. Even if it is physically or verbally. But, to feel protected by a man is much different. To have your man by your side in any situation shows that they really and truly care. My boyfriend saw my brother put his hands on me and all I had to do was just sit there and let them fight. Me being me, I had to stand my ground even if my man was there. Also, I have had my man jump into a verbal fight for me even if I was wrong. In his mind, he feels that I shouldn’t ever have to fight a battle wither i’m wrong or right.

J)       A woman needs to feel like their man is really there for them. Not always just sexually, but being there emotionally, physically, and support them in any way possible. So, when your woman calls you saying that they really need you, that doesn’t mean you rush off the phone. That means you need to hear them out and listen to what it is that they have to say. Even if the advice you give them is a little to the left that shows that you were listening to what they were saying. The key point  is to listen and show that you really care.

K)      And last but not least, confidence. NO woman wants a man that isn’t confident in themselves or isn’t confident in their woman. To a woman that just shows a low self-esteem. That isn’t sexy to a woman. A man can be ugly on the outside, but, when they display confidence that shows that they believe in themselves and are confident in what they are doing.

As you can see, what a women really wants out of a men isn’t a lot. The way I see it, these are the same things that men want out of their women, but, we as women just experience what we want a little differently than men. The difference is men may not verbally tell you these things whereas a woman will break it down like I did above. At the same time, women don’t have an issue expressing how they really feel, where men may struggle. Among all our difference we are so much the same.

Either way, man or woman, once we understand what we want personally, we will be able to see eye to eye.

Next time we will explore the differences between a man and a woman!

:* QueenTee *:

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21 thoughts on “What do women really want?

    • I agree on the humor and playfulness and I know QueenTee (The Author) does too, she’s in deep love with Will Smith! lol

      Thanks QueenHope for your constant activity on our humble blog!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  1. twon says:

    In my experince they want a challenge, they want a problem to work on, something to attempt to fix, they need some sort of conflict going on.

    • Uh, I don’t know about that KingTwon. Some women do thrive on chaos, as do some men, but a real woman only wishes to fix problems because they arise but doesn’t WANT problems to arise. They want a peaceful and harmonious relationship. I have met some Queens who need conflict but those ladies are not ready for commitment and should be avoided. :(

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  2. twon says:

    Yeah some do and some don’t 90% percent from my exp want/need that conflict/issue/problem dynamic thang going on.

    • Thats kinda scary because a relationship shouldn’t be full of self-created conflict. Problems are to be expected but we shouldn’t MAKE problems happen. You need to look for that 10%! LOL.

      Thanks for being my first male visitor. You are the bomb!

  3. QueenTee says:

    To QueenHope and QueenPinky that is those things that a woman would also love to have. Humor and playfulness which is always a plus. But, what we do have to remember is that some too most men are not like. Which can create a problam if the woman is. Laughter is good for the soul. At KingTwon, there is really a problem with the women that you choice to deal with if you keep finding yourself with the 90% of women that want/need that conflict/issue/problem dynamic. That just means that either you need to look beyond the 90% and find that 10% or the woman really has issues that they just need to deal with. And bring them into the next relationship.

    And Thank You All For Your Comments :)

    :* QueenTee *:

    • QueenTee says:

      YES a man that is to serious really isn’t that much fun to be with. They seem to always be about business and nothing else. When like I said before laughter is good for the soul. It brings you up when you’re down. I want to work yesterday very upset about the men in my life. Once my co-workers seen that I was upset, they and along with the customers made me laugh. And be the end of the day I felt a lot better. And with a smile on my face.

      :* QueenTee *:

    • There is nothing wrong with wanting a man with a job! But I think dwelling on that can take from the relationship. A man has to have the motivation and if they are trying hard to find a place in the working world a woman should not chastise them for not moving fast enough. If a man doesn’t have the motivation to get a job then JUST SAY NO! <——- New Blog Coming soon! :D

      Big Kiss (^_^) Queen Pinky

    • QueenTee says:

      No, it isn’t crazy to want a guy with a job. To some having a man with a job, car, and place of their own is a plus. But, when a man has those things for themselves it shows that they don’t help holding their own ground. You know it feels like some men are very needy for a woman to take care of them but when you a have that man that shows he can hold his own ground that is very lovely. LoL…..

      :* QueenTee *:

  4. rebelliously says:

    I so agree with what you just wrote…I am sure most women crave for a man like this which most men fail to understand…Its hard to find men who can understand your feelings without you having to tell them…I hate it when you have to give up and tell your guy what you really want to hear before he finally says that to you…Sometimes , Love needs to be expressed in words too…which most men find it hard to even muster the courage to say, I Love You…I know those 3 words do not define if he loves you or not …But if he really does what is the harm in saying those 3 magic words to her when she needs to hear them…

    • That is so true QueenRebelliously. Men do seem to have a hard time with that Spoken Love. I’ve seen men pour out their heart and soul, but never speak their true feelings. Then I’ve met guys who tell a woman they love them just to get what they want “wink, wink”. That is going out of the window slowly, but saying I love you is a sometimes win, sometimes lose situation because actions are supposed to speak louder than words!

      Thanks for stopping by!!! We ♥ new visitors!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

      • rebelliously says:

        Hey, QueenPinky…I am very happy with the new nickname you gave me : QueenRebelliously….Feels good to be called a Queen…

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