How to get over your Ex in 7 days!

How to get over your ex in 7 days!

I got a strange call on June 1st and it turned my life upside down. I had plans to move forward and those plans got shut down with one phone call. It was a call from a guy who I wanted to become serious with. He put me on friendship status. The reason it was so heart wrenching for me was because everything seemed sooooo right and all of a sudden I found out I was wrong for him. Not that anything was wrong with me, cuz that’s not possible (^_^) but that he was not ready and yada yada. I was very caught up in him, not to mention I had probably two months earlier, just broken up with a guy and it was rrrrough. So This morning I cried soooo hard, like a giant baby. I rolled around on the bed and screamed and almost threw up, but when I got up, I felt better and I remembered the things I do to get over my ex’s.

Please note: these tips should be used as needed and quickly. The sooner you start the better. Sometimes you only need one or two of these things to help you get in your right mind. I always start slow and work into full fledged forgetfulness of that person. If you try everything I say and none of that works, email me.

  1. Cry: Like a baby. Let it all out. I always tell my sisters that crying is sooooo good for you. It is cleansing. As I said above I cried so hard I almost threw up. I cried for two days before deciding to do step 6, which I will get to soon. There is no time limit on crying but the problem with it is that you don’t want everyone asking you “What’s wrong?”. We do want you to eventually stop crying but before you get to far into this check list, feel free to cry. You are not weak for doing so.
  2. Talk it out: Leaving everything inside is a great way to go crazy. That’s why I suggest crying also. I always talk to my other Queens to help me get a different perspective and opinion, not to mention they totally stroke my ego with things like “You can do better,” “He was no good for you,” “You’re to fine to be crying like that,” etc. (^_^) I ♥ my Queens. People who are outside often see the issue from a non-love-blinded point of view. Not to mention when you are breaking up you often feel inadequate and you need a reminder that you are awesome.
  3. Stop listening to “Our” song: Recipe for disaster!!!! Those sexy, romantic songs you used to listen to that reminded you of your man are O-U-T! I believe you should dive into music to help you feel happy but it usually helps me when I listen to music that is the OPPOSITE of what he and I used to like together. For instance, I can usually get real comfortable with 50 Cent: Get Rich or Die Trying after a break up because it’s pure Gangsta Rap and nothing about it is sentimental. Not even 21 questions.
  4. Get a good book: Reading is the door to the world. Get out of your house with a great book. Even when you put it down you will think of it and so many books have movies now that you can back up your book with a little cinema! The books I decided to read were Big Boy Brwaly Brown by Walter Mosley and Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen. Just my luck, all the Tess Gerritsen books are now being made into a TV show on TNT! YES!
  5. Rearrange/Clean: Get into your home, throw his crap out, move your crap around. Get his smell out of you bed and your couch. Do some spring cleaning. That will help to get rid of the memories.
  6. Create: Get artistic or just do something you are great at. I would do photography but that reminds me of hhhim. I’ll get back into that later. This blog is my creative. This is what I decided to do when I stopped crying and it helped a lot. It took my mind off hhhim and all his ugh. Paint, draw, write, sing, dance, yodel. Whateva.
  7. Find a Muse: find someone who you can love from a distance. A celebrity, singer, rapper, sports player who will make you happy doing what they would be doing anyway, had you not had a bad break up. My muse right now is Usher Raymond. I am in so much love with him right now and I would advise EVERYONE to go get Raymond V. Raymond because that CD makes me fall in love with him all over again. He is awesome. My other muse is Kevin Hart and if you do not know him, you are a sad individual. He is a comedian and makes me laugh so hard that I cry. That’s the only reason a man should make a woman cry.
  8. Focus on you: The first thing I did when I started to get over my ex before this ex was get my wardrobe in order and add makeup to my daily routine. I got so beautiful, just for me, not for anyone else and it was soooo nice. I felt better about myself and I liked what I saw. Changing from you’re normal routine in anyway will help.
  9. Party: Go out! Staying in the house is another recipe for disaster. Get the girls together and go for a night on the town. Eat, dance, have a drink and focus on enjoyment. If you’ve done numbers 1-8, then you are more in your right mind by now and a night on the town will not be hard for you. If you go out with your queens then they will look out for your best partying interest.
  10. Flirt: Last but not least, enjoy some male company and get real friendly with a guy. I am NOT advising that you find a new boyfriend, AT ALL. As a matter of fact, I am advising the opposite. You need time to heal. If you rush, like I did, you will suffer. BUT flirting is fair game. Men appreciate you, and don’t let that bum you used to date make you think otherwise. Get out there and bat your eyes, have a dance and get a drink on him. You are not obligated to go home with him or marry him. Fun is fun and the number one thing I have found to restore my self esteem is male attention.

Just remember that its all about you when you break up. You have revolved your life around hhhim, so long, you are now lost. Find yourself, fast. You are great, special, wanted, needed and appreciated. If he don’t love you, then YOU love you, and I love you!

Big Kiss (^_^) Queen Pinky

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15 thoughts on “How to get over your Ex in 7 days!

    • Thanks QueenHope! You we’re my first comment and Im so grateful for you! I will look into that book for sure. The title sounds so interesting already! Thanks Again.

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  1. hey, i was in a relationship for 2 years.. with the already serious going to be married just waiting for the question/ring status…

    it didn’t take 7 days to get over it though..probably about a month maybe a little more..what i did?

    i cried … i cried at work, home, before i fell asleep, etc.
    i talked… with friends, family–my cousin went thru the same thing and was really able to relate ad that helped tremendously
    i cleaned…changed my bedsheets completely, rearranged furniture, threw stuff away
    i shopped…got myself a new style
    i got my hair cut and styled differently
    i went out to nice restaurants with friends
    reestablished guy friendships–not for the purpose of getting a boyfriend but because they are friends…

    The one thing that really helped was the addition of a new hobby…blogging.

    • Wow, you sound a lot like me! I think the difference for me was that I was only speaking to this last guy for maybe a month or so and we were not even really a couple. And just like you, this blog was the thing that completed my cycle of grief and brought me to myself again. The guy before him was a real committed relationship and we went out for about 6 months but these things still helped me get over him too. Thanks for leaving me some of your wisdom Queen!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  2. “Stopt listening to the old songs”. I’m IN! I am in for the renewing of my mind everyday. At the beginning of starting something new, bieng just by myself I had learn to stop the nonsence talking going on in my head. Big fault in these mess in relationships is that we trust “stupid thoughts”, when all we must do is to know that we are princess, that we are loved by God and that we deserve the best. To my number 7 I’ll chose God, not as an idol, but as a Master mind that would tell me WHAT HOW WHEN to do it. And….WHO. Whatever my heart wants to find He would gave us. And if is for fun, He would do the best. I’m glad you did all these, it is true. You have true love waiting for you. You are a Princess and you deserve it!!!
    Great Love to you.
    ~Mirian from peelingtheorange.

  3. rebelliously says:

    Wow…QueenPinky…I agree with each and everything you wrote….I have tried everything above , though not in the same order to get over my ex and to get guys out of mind for a while….I love sports and dancing…..As I can’t play loud music all the time because neighbors get disturbed, I started playing different sports and it is physically and emotionally stimulating…You focus on the game and winning and learning and you get lost…This was probably 2 years back….And yes…I do try these again when I feel like going back to my ex’s like yesterday I called 1 of them…when I know I shouldn’t have….You know you don’t want to get back, but wonder what thrill you get in calling your ex’s after long…I must stop that and practice these things…I will read this post , every time I get those feelings back…Thanks for the boost…

    • LOL. i just texted my ex a few days ago. He was dealing with some legal issues so I wanted to check up on him BUT I was having a lonely-romance day so it was because of the legal issues, but not so much.

      Music is always my go to! but I am not sporty. Instead of sports I work out. Tryin to get my Glutes in order! lol

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

      • rebelliously says:

        Yeah…I want to thank you..bcoz the music part was my weakness…I heard That song when I was working out and so I had called my ex….But I am getting stronger…It feels good to be single for so long…Clears your mind….and then you know when is the right time 4 the new 1 to come…

      • Music is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I die without my iPod. (Listening to my Pandora Widget right now on Usher Radio… I Love That Man)

        And yes, single is good. After my ex-before-this-ex I decided that I wanted to be single for a while but when I got close to finding a relationship I jumped in head first and it was the shallow end. LOL. So now I appreciate single again. I’m playing everybody cool know. Nobody is going to get me excited.

        I guess the great thing of it all is that I started doing this, Blogging, and it has changed the way I do things with my time, which is great. I’ve met some wonderful people, ALREADY and the blog has only been open since the 4th!! I heart you all!

        Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  4. rebelliously says:

    QuuenPinky I hear you…I have very addicted to my Ipod as well….I enjoyed cleaning today because I was listening to music when I was cleaning…
    Blogging has helped a great deal as well…Can’t believe its been only one and a half weeks…I think I want to shed the single phase…I hope the wait for the right person gets over soon…

  5. Studies have shown that generally it takes people half the time they were with their partner to get over them. Not sure how true this is, for some it’s a lot faster for others a lot longer.

    After my first real heartbreak it took a long time, longer than the relationship to really heal and understand what happened for me, and how I was responsible for the whole experience.

    I did all the things you suggest: minus flirting with guys ;) A hobby was important. I would add: Go out and do something that you have been putting off. I put all my efforts into weight lifting, doing art, and growing a garden. I gained lots of muscle, had one of the nicest gardens a guy can have, and my art improved a lot. Sometimes a heartache can free our creativity!

    • See thats the real truth KingLuis, because although I am feeling better about my self since the break up, I can not quite get around to communicating fully with that person. I have already decided to be friends, ya kno, all that, but I do not reach out for him with equal communication. I keep saying I’m not ready, and this explains it.

      Thank you!

      Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

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